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Scaffold is a group comprising of three artists Shinod Akkaraparambil, Sujeeth Kumar Sree Kandan and Vijay Pichumani. Conceptualised by these artists the collective, ‘Scaffold’ is an attempt to discuss and debate about art and ideas along with a collaborative exhibition of their works. This collective is conceived as a shared space where artists can meet, interact and work together meaningfully  bypassing all conventions.The current show interacts with the viewers through the ideology of the artists.

Scaffold previewed at the Lalit Kala Akademi from 24th November to 30th November 2014 and then moved to Dakshina Chitra, Chennai till 30th December 2014.

Work by Shinod Akkaraparambil

Work by Shinod Akkaraparambil

Artist Shinod’s works jointly titled ‘Point Blank-365’ is water colour on board (7”x 7”) which include 365 works depicting the 365 days of a year. The visual expression of his everyday life is depicted in the form of characters encompassing thoughts from day to day. It invites one into the space the artist travels and sees in his daily life. The figurations in brown and black colours give the feel of mud/soil, which the artist purposely implicates into his work to acknowledge the idea of time and space.

Sujeeth Kumar Sree Kandan’s installation on wood focuses upon the conscious usage of natural resources. Simplistic imagery of human reproduction and plant germination on the wooden logs substantiates his idea as well as the visual inspiration which he gets from his native place.

Work by Sujeeth Kumar Sree Kandan

Work by Sujeeth Kumar Sree Kandan

‘Changing seasons’ is about climatic change and the moment when it happens, using sea as the visual element to portray the idea of a moment. A 12’ X 2’ long panel which traces the imprint left by the waves on the shore by using pigment on paper. This work is carried forward to an overhead video projection on sand. The video has many clips of waves hitting the shore and sliced to portray the fraction of moments.The contours and terrains in the sand piled up gives the impression of sea waves flowing over the mountains. The colours of the video are matched to depict the artist’s travels to the Himalayas. Both his works question the possibilities of human thought to be altered.

Work by vijay Pichumani

Work by vijay Pichumani

Vijay Pichumani’s is a 30’ X 5’ wide mountainscape titled ‘With wisdom, truly, even a mountain can become a stone’. It is his real life experience about the mountains, the flora and fauna of his native land in which he has been living. The work depicts a sense of self-destruction and ageing, comparing the beauty of a land perishing as time passes by. The detailed photo colour work etches out the beauty of the landscape itself and also specifies the birds and their relation to the nature and its response towards the minute sounds existing in the flora and fauna.

Work by Vijay Pichumani

Work by Vijay Pichumani

‘Reminiscence’ is a copper and brass sculpture of a pine apple plant made to look like of a real plant. In this work he depicts the nostalgia about his childhood. He explains how it was when a pine apple ripened, crows come to eat it. The crows were scared off using mirrors reflecting the crows approaching the ripe fruit. He fondly sees it as a memory since it can not be witnessed anymore in his native place.

As a group the show talks about the geographical and socio-political co-existence of human. The ‘scaffold’ really stands for the cause as the word literally means. With a belief in bringing art to all sections of people in the society, Scaffold invites everyone from school children and the people from all walks of life(including slum dwellers). It is an attempt to create and educate people about art and it’s importance as a form of expression, the artists say.  On all days during the show, senior artists presented and interacted with school children and students,  about their own art practices and works.

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