India Art Fair 2016 Opens in Delhi

Review: IAF-2016-/ Editor-in-Chief -Johny ML


Shunya Buddha sculpture by K S Radhakrishnan

The eighth edition of the India Art Fair 2016 is formally opened now with the VVIP Preview (select preview of the IAF parlance) currently underway. With lesser number of galleries and a lot of space for special projects and invited programs, the IAF 2016 is more spacious, clean and inviting.


Face to Face sculpture by K S Radhakrishnan

NSIC grounds in Okhla where the IAF is on should not be seen as an intimidating element. Compared to last few years, the behaviour of the security personnel is refined. The former sculpture court is front of the pavilions is now turned into makeshift gardens and way side cafes and pubs complete with the furniture and paraphernalia.


Work by LN Tallur in the BDL Museum Project

Sculptors seem to be the heroes of this year though paintings and experimental two dimensional works are seen quite prominently in the stalls. The initial look proves that the market now really wants something palpable. They want both conventional and new mediums in sculpture.


Shunya Buddha by KS Radhakrishnan

K S Radhakrishan’s two projects namely ‘Shunya Buddha’(presented by Nvya Gallery) and ‘Face to Face’ ( presented by Akar Prakar Gallery) are the show stealers so far. Arunkumar HG has come up with his animal sculptures and the one in Vadehra booths is more subtle than the other.


Works by Krishna Reddy

Krishna Reddy’s sculptural installation done in 1970s is interesting. Rajesh Ram, Nantu Behari Das are other young sculptors who have come up with interesting pieces. Sakshi Gupta’s solo project is capable of evoking curiosity.


Work by Nantu Behari Das

rajesh ram

Work by Rajesh Ram












Paresh Maity has tried his best to make sculptures but they really do not look so convincing. Ketan Amin is another sculptor to watch out for.



Work by Sakshi Gupta



Work by Arunkumar HG


dhruv mistry

Installation by Dhruv Mistry at Sakshi gallery booth

LN Tallur’s works at BDL Museum special project and the small works of Dhruv Mistry at the Sakshi booth are worthy of mention.

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