The Animal Within

For young artist Dr Minal Rajurkar, the world is more like a dystopian zoo, overflowing with animalistic hybrids wearing expensive cloaks of culture and sophistication. In her works on display at the Hirji gallery, Mumbai, she unmasks these impostors with sharp blades of satire and dark humour.. observes Sushma Sabnis.

The Golden Deer of Urbanism

Artist Venugopal VG through his works offers perspectives and critiques a mercurial system that grows at a rapid pace, flagging out issues, while surviving within this mutating organism, observes Sushma Sabnis

The Evolving Visage of Culture

Artist Avinash Karn, in his determined way sets out to repair the tear in the fabric of culture with the kachni-bharni of Madhubani art, while allowing the artist within himself to create contemporary visual languages of fusion, observes Sushma Sabnis.

The Key Maker

Artist Shabari Smitha Guha unlocks doors, minds, hearts and fortunes with her specific sets of keys, creating poetry, music and narratives closer to home in her works…observes Sushma Sabnis

Finding Refuge in Art

Artist Ranjeet Singh is a refugee finding refuge in his art works, what he seeks is the mirroring of this sensitivity in like minded asylum seekers in today’s world.. observes Sushma Sabnis.

The Anatomy of Colour

Artist Santosh Rathod faces the harsh reflection of incongruence and believes that it is only a fleeting mirage which could be laid to rest by firstly addressing internal conflicts..writes Sushma Sabnis.