Of Climate Crises and Riverine Muses 

A river is a reliquary of time, place and lives which depend on it. An emotional entity, whatever it dissolves within its rapids, is returned flourishing, manyfold. Even as rivers across the globe are drying up without warning, artist Sucheta Ghadge follows her philanthropic muse to create her print works…writes Sushma Sabnis.


Like Looking in a Mirror..only, Not

In his portraits, artist Navanshu Kumar goes beyond mere ‘likeness’ of the sitter to masterfully excavate those hidden faces blurred by fine veils of beauty, political correctness and cultured upbringing, to reveal the rawness of their true identity.. writes Sushma Sabnis

Your Meteorites In My Skyline

Young artist Akshay Seebaluk hones a view finder to his ambient surroundings for his multiple media works. Using the style of Landscape painting as a lens and a lexicon for his works he documents the changing visages of the social, political, environmental and cultural world of contemporary times.. writes Sushma Sabnis.

Footboard Views of Life

In an urban space, the demographic of ‘working women’ also display unseen hierarchies and class divides. Artist Sneha Varhadi uncovers hard truths and triumphs about the disadvantaged women in the most unorthodox ways in the most unexpected of places, the Mumbai local trains, observes Sushma Sabnis

The Comfort in Culture

Artist Nayana Melinamani digs deeper at the roots of culture and finds comfort in the simple activity of quilt making. She paints the social, political, and economical essence of this unifying craft which becomes the main vocabulary of her works.. observes Sushma Sabnis.

Through the Looking Glass

Young artist Bhartti Verma’s works hold the enigma of a portal which leads into an altered reality, a parallel universe within the landscape of the mundane. Anchoring those new found realms with her presence in her photo realistic works, she presents subtle imageries of an urban life, made bearable by virtue of a changed perspective.. observes Sushma Sabnis

The Animal Within

For young artist Dr Minal Rajurkar, the world is more like a dystopian zoo, overflowing with animalistic hybrids wearing expensive cloaks of culture and sophistication. In her works on display at the Hirji gallery, Mumbai, she unmasks these impostors with sharp blades of satire and dark humour.. observes Sushma Sabnis.