The Visual Barrier, Invisible

In an era of post-truth and wobbly idealisms, the symbols of prohibition and exclusion act as sharp triggers to unearth the dichotomies of power. Artist Suvanwita Saha, in her fresh suite of works titled, ‘Denying is Accepting’ prods at the insidious veins of double-speak rampant in today’s selectively muted world.. writes Sushma Sabnis


Like Ants in a Tin City

Artist Photographer Uday Kawale in his recently concluded solo,’ Vaarul’ brings to light the red, the blue and the grey along with the dank and lonely faces of Mumbai-Indians in the suburbs of Bandra..writes Sushma Sabnis

The Art of Guns and Roses

Artist Syed Ali Sarwat Jafri in his debut solo, ‘Prism-Sense’ shoots a few roses with loaded rifles at viewers and urges them to look within themselves at the schisms they un/knowingly are contributing towards making an unbalanced and intolerant society… writes Sushma Sabnis

Sign Of Times

Starting 26th March, artists Ciby Samuel and Sagar Kamble present their show at Artists’ Centre, Mumbai, with a bag full of contemporary lexicons. Both dive into the crucible of visual culture to cull out imageries which their vocabulary transforms according to their interpretations of their world. A preview of the upcoming show by Sushma Sabnis

Surviving Even-Odd Binaries

When nine artists from a fairly remote art University dare the urban art jungle for the very first time, the outcome is rather surprising. What shines through at the show ‘Even Odd One’ curated by Johny ML at Art Houz, Bengaluru, is their immense ability to observe, adapt and survive in a turbulent world that these art-fledglings have inherited, writes Sushma Sabnis.

A Farmer’s Prayer, A Scientist’s Vision, An Artist’s Dream

As the country’s farmers march for their basic rights in the capital and the environment squirms to survive abuse and pollution, a group of like minded artists and scientists work to reverse the widening schism between nature and nature-dependent humans employing a balance of art aesthetics and scientific vision at the Krishi Kala Camp organised at NAARM, Hyderabad writes Sushma Sabnis.

Of Contestations and Survivals

Artist Ratheesh T’s solo show, on at Mirchandani and Steinruecke gallery, Mumbai, is a personal take on his life experiences and observations evoked with sensitivity and satire in the works.. writes Sushma Sabnis.