At the Precipice of Happening

Artist Santosh Rathod in his recently concluded solo at Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai, tries to strike a balance between the inner and outer realms he inhabits, standing at the precipice of abstraction..observes Sushma Sabnis

The Face of Time

Would Time pucker and pout for a selfie? asks artist Tanmoy Samanta as he returns with his solo ‘Portraits in Time’ at Tarq Gallery, Mumbai. The show realigns the concepts of traditional portraiture and presents a new and improved profile picture of artistic styles .. observes Sushma Sabnis.

The Animal Within

For young artist Dr Minal Rajurkar, the world is more like a dystopian zoo, overflowing with animalistic hybrids wearing expensive cloaks of culture and sophistication. In her works on display at the Hirji gallery, Mumbai, she unmasks these impostors with sharp blades of satire and dark humour.. observes Sushma Sabnis.

The Beauty Trap

Artist Parag Tandel in his solo show ‘Chronicle’ on at Tarq art gallery, presents a beautiful picture of the ugliness behind industrialisation and environmental pollution at the altar of progress, observes Sushma Sabnis.

The Path Less Travelled

Artist Prabhakar Kamble tries to negotiate his journey through the realms of inner and outer world conflicts, as he transits through landscapes of human insecurities in his solo show ‘Agitation of Restless Mind on at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, observes Sushma Sabnis