Contemporaneity and The Artist

The Nine Fish Gallery at Byculla, Mumbai opens to a new show ‘Contemporary Trajectories’ which explores the various realignments of aesthetics and styles in  contemporary art practices by four artists from the country.. writes Sushma Sabnis


Laying the Bed to Rest

In his recently concluded solo show, ‘Me Beyond Me’ at Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai, artist Mallikarjun Katke displayed a few paintings, a video work and an array of installations which seemed autobiographical in nature, or were they?..  a critical review of the show by Sushma Sabnis

The Clock Ticking on Humankind

In the recently concluded two persons show ’Time.. little time’, artists Lester Paul and Glower Paul bring to light the true visage of the conflict zone of contemporary society while time passes by as a silent witness over this looming battle ground… observes Sushma Sabnis


To Be or Not To Be.. 

In a world fraught with the deceit of conmen and hustlers with beards, artist Devidas Agase presents his recent works ‘Bahuroopta/ Polymorphism’ as a well timed critique on this dystopian masquerade ball and its aftermath on the lives of the living, observes Sushma Sabnis


At the Precipice of Happening

Artist Santosh Rathod in his recently concluded solo at Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai, tries to strike a balance between the inner and outer realms he inhabits, standing at the precipice of abstraction..observes Sushma Sabnis


Black, White and Grey of Kala Ghoda Festival 2017

Some horsing around, some rare unpolished gems in the chaos of a cultural festival which has become the go-to place for Mumbai’s selfie-obsessed janta, the Kala Ghoda Festival 2017 returns this time with the original Black Horse.. observes Sushma Sabnis.


The Face of Time

Would Time pucker and pout for a selfie? asks artist Tanmoy Samanta as he returns with his solo ‘Portraits in Time’ at Tarq Gallery, Mumbai. The show realigns the concepts of traditional portraiture and presents a new and improved profile picture of artistic styles .. observes Sushma Sabnis.