The Unbearable ‘Lightness’ of Indian Mainstream Art

Indian mainstream art practice and the propagation of it is like a selective inbreeding process for maintaining the purity of blood. It is Brahminical for sure. Inadvertently, the mainstreamers replicate colonial mindset and their implosion in the long run is going to render them useless, predicts JohnyML.

The Golden Deer of Urbanism

Artist Venugopal VG through his works offers perspectives and critiques a mercurial system that grows at a rapid pace, flagging out issues, while surviving within this mutating organism, observes Sushma Sabnis

The Path Less Travelled

Artist Prabhakar Kamble tries to negotiate his journey through the realms of inner and outer world conflicts, as he transits through landscapes of human insecurities in his solo show ‘Agitation of Restless Mind on at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, observes Sushma Sabnis

Indian Artists Community sheds the Tolerance Mask to defend Bhupen Khakhar

JohnyML, the Editor in Chief of Art Tehelka says that the Indian Art Community has willingly shown its ugly side in opposing Jonathan Jones’ article in the Guardian newspaper which critiqued Bhupen Khakhar’s retrospective in condemnatory terms. JohnyML says that we should learn to be tolerant to criticism if not there is no difference between the fundamentalists and the artists communities.

Why I say Conceptual and Spectacular Art will go out of the window in the coming years?

JohnyML, the Editor in Chief of Art Tehelka feels the necessity to write a supplementary article to the previous two editorials because many readers/artists have asked whether skill based art would come back or not. Studying historical dynamics of the contemporary world JohnyML observes that only the marriage of skill and conceptual thinking happening in the same artist could save art; the separation of the two causes alienation followed by frustration. Read on.