A Farmer’s Prayer, A Scientist’s Vision, An Artist’s Dream

As the country’s farmers march for their basic rights in the capital and the environment squirms to survive abuse and pollution, a group of like minded artists and scientists work to reverse the widening schism between nature and nature-dependent humans employing a balance of art aesthetics and scientific vision at the Krishi Kala Camp organised at NAARM, Hyderabad writes Sushma Sabnis.


Your Meteorites In My Skyline

Young artist Akshay Seebaluk hones a view finder to his ambient surroundings for his multiple media works. Using the style of Landscape painting as a lens and a lexicon for his works he documents the changing visages of the social, political, environmental and cultural world of contemporary times.. writes Sushma Sabnis.

Autobiography of a Migrant

‘My- Grant’ on at the Jehangir Auditorium Gallery is an autobiographical narrative of artist Shilpa Nikam which becomes a sensitive critique about the trials and tribulations of migrant business communities in India and all over the world. Sushma Sabnis speaks to the artist about her journey..

The Fields of Emerald Green

National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad organised an art camp with students of Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai. The way science, art and technology synergised on the canvases at the camp, restores the hope of the agrarian community today.. writes Sushma Sabnis.

To Be or Not To Be.. 

In a world fraught with the deceit of conmen and hustlers with beards, artist Devidas Agase presents his recent works ‘Bahuroopta/ Polymorphism’ as a well timed critique on this dystopian masquerade ball and its aftermath on the lives of the living, observes Sushma Sabnis