To Be or Not To Be.. 

In a world fraught with the deceit of conmen and hustlers with beards, artist Devidas Agase presents his recent works ‘Bahuroopta/ Polymorphism’ as a well timed critique on this dystopian masquerade ball and its aftermath on the lives of the living, observes Sushma Sabnis


Bombay Duck is a Fish: Art at CIFE, Mumbai

Feature: Bombay Duck is a Fish: Art at CIFE, Mumbai / Matsya Kala Workshop at CIFE / Sushma Sabnis While building a good art collection for an institution is no easy task, certain institutions like the Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) silently engage new methods of art acquisition and realign the perspective of seeing art as a…

Mine – Yours or Ours?

Artist Prabhakar Pachpute’s solo show titled ‘Te Tolanche Dhaga Navhate’ comes full circle, drawing in the stories of the desolate cotton farmers turned coal miners of Chandrapur, at the NGMA, Mumbai.. observes Sushma Sabnis.

The Key Maker

Artist Shabari Smitha Guha unlocks doors, minds, hearts and fortunes with her specific sets of keys, creating poetry, music and narratives closer to home in her works…observes Sushma Sabnis