A Bowl full of Empty

While some caress a distending gut over lack of exercise because of lockdown, others flatline on pavements for a piece of bread or few drops of milk; some are impossibly twisted in a yoga pose for weight loss while others walk barefoot carrying an entire life on their shoulders braving a harsh sun. While the virus kills only those infected, starvation remains indiscriminate… observes Sushma Sabnis

A Conscience on Mute

While the world gambles with the pandemic and nature sends her own brand of wrath, some of us, frozen by the violence of it all watch with a conscience on mute as our world gets smaller and more complex than ever before. But there are a few who won’t sit still, thankfully … writes Sushma Sabnis.

That Claustrophobic Room of One’s Own

The world is locked down. A microorganism controls our systems, inside out. We have no ability so far to subdue it. These are the facts. However, there are those among us who embody optimism, the artists, the die-hard humans who believe we will survive like we always have. This ongoing article aims to gather those voices who continue to smile through unpredictable times…writes Sushma Sabnis.

Everyone Smiles in the Same Language

A Smile is communication, like Art. Art has the power to reach out, invoke thought and encourage dialogue, just like a Smile. A group of dentists dedicated to put healthy smiles on people, put down their dental drills for a while and took up art, only to realise that everyone smiles in the same language.. observes Sushma Sabnis

Prayer of the Homeless Mantis

As diminishing grasslands, mangroves and forests around the globe threaten the survival of entire ecosystems, four concerned artists addressed the issues about the human intervention in the show ‘Thinking the Inexhaustible’.. writes Sushma Sabnis

Being Materialistic !

The perfect blend of materials and ideologies bring out the best in many an artistic endeavour, hence it is interesting to note that a show titled ‘ Moments and Transformations – Finding life in Materiality’ curated by Dr Ashrafi S Bhagat at the Art Alive gallery, New Delhi, addresses this very aspect of materiality in the artistic process and its impact on visual culture. A short interview with Sushma Sabnis.

The Visual Barrier, Invisible

In an era of post-truth and wobbly idealisms, the symbols of prohibition and exclusion act as sharp triggers to unearth the dichotomies of power. Artist Suvanwita Saha, in her fresh suite of works titled, ‘Denying is Accepting’ prods at the insidious veins of double-speak rampant in today’s selectively muted world.. writes Sushma Sabnis

Like Ants in a Tin City

Artist Photographer Uday Kawale in his recently concluded solo,’ Vaarul’ brings to light the red, the blue and the grey along with the dank and lonely faces of Mumbai-Indians in the suburbs of Bandra..writes Sushma Sabnis

Of Climate Crises and Riverine Muses 

A river is a reliquary of time, place and lives which depend on it. An emotional entity, whatever it dissolves within its rapids, is returned flourishing, manyfold. Even as rivers across the globe are drying up without warning, artist Sucheta Ghadge follows her philanthropic muse to create her print works…writes Sushma Sabnis.

The Art of Guns and Roses

Artist Syed Ali Sarwat Jafri in his debut solo, ‘Prism-Sense’ shoots a few roses with loaded rifles at viewers and urges them to look within themselves at the schisms they un/knowingly are contributing towards making an unbalanced and intolerant society… writes Sushma Sabnis