Footboard Views of Life

In an urban space, the demographic of ‘working women’ also display unseen hierarchies and class divides. Artist Sneha Varhadi uncovers hard truths and triumphs about the disadvantaged women in the most unorthodox ways in the most unexpected of places, the Mumbai local trains, observes Sushma Sabnis

Autobiography of a Migrant

‘My- Grant’ on at the Jehangir Auditorium Gallery is an autobiographical narrative of artist Shilpa Nikam which becomes a sensitive critique about the trials and tribulations of migrant business communities in India and all over the world. Sushma Sabnis speaks to the artist about her journey..

Contemporaneity and The Artist

The Nine Fish Gallery at Byculla, Mumbai opens to a new show ‘Contemporary Trajectories’ which explores the various realignments of aesthetics and styles in  contemporary art practices by four artists from the country.. writes Sushma Sabnis

The Fields of Emerald Green

National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad organised an art camp with students of Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai. The way science, art and technology synergised on the canvases at the camp, restores the hope of the agrarian community today.. writes Sushma Sabnis.

When a Woman Artist Stands on Her Own: Usha Ramachandran

Being a senior sculptor and artist has never stopped artist Usha Ramachandran from finding her way and making her mark in the art world. The simplification of the form and theme has taken Usha Ramachandran to the galaxy of bigger stars of sculpture like Brancussi and Giocometti.. says Johny ML in his Editorial today.

Gandhiji as a Conceptual Artist and the Residency Circuit Artists in India

Many of our young artists fail thoroughly in life and career though they feel the seeming victory in facebook, mainly because of this; they go abroad for 33 days come back and try to do art like what they have seen there. There is a constant replication of the same for the sake of feeling international. That is bound to fail. That’s where Gandhiji becomes important as an artist. He looked around and saw things. With is heightened imagination, sense of purpose, mission, vision and die hard romanticism he conceptualised them and gave them symbolic forms..says Johny ML in this Editorial

The Comfort in Culture

Artist Nayana Melinamani digs deeper at the roots of culture and finds comfort in the simple activity of quilt making. She paints the social, political, and economical essence of this unifying craft which becomes the main vocabulary of her works.. observes Sushma Sabnis.