A Farmer’s Prayer, A Scientist’s Vision, An Artist’s Dream

As the country’s farmers march for their basic rights in the capital and the environment squirms to survive abuse and pollution, a group of like minded artists and scientists work to reverse the widening schism between nature and nature-dependent humans employing a balance of art aesthetics and scientific vision at the Krishi Kala Camp organised at NAARM, Hyderabad writes Sushma Sabnis.

Your Meteorites In My Skyline

Young artist Akshay Seebaluk hones a view finder to his ambient surroundings for his multiple media works. Using the style of Landscape painting as a lens and a lexicon for his works he documents the changing visages of the social, political, environmental and cultural world of contemporary times.. writes Sushma Sabnis.

Of Contestations and Survivals

Artist Ratheesh T’s solo show, on at Mirchandani and Steinruecke gallery, Mumbai, is a personal take on his life experiences and observations evoked with sensitivity and satire in the works.. writes Sushma Sabnis.

The Complete Picture

Artist Vishakha Apte’s solo ‘Being Not Incomplete’ brings her art practice nearly into a full circle in a manner of the mediums she has explored over years and in the glimpses of deeply personal narratives embedded which address the concepts of being ‘complete’ through her works… writes Sushma Sabnis

Specific Narratives on Time

Five artists’ works which were on display at the show ‘The Past, Present, Future’ held at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai aimed to create a face of Time, using their own sensibilities and relativity. One realises Time is multifaceted as the artists have portrayed..writes Sushma Sabnis

Through the Twilight Zone

Artist Prabhu Harsoor, in his solo show ‘The Journey through Clarity and Distortion’ addresses the conflict between the word and the form as he strikes a rare balance in the twilight zone between abstraction and figuration.. writes Sushma Sabnis

The Butterfly Effect

The two persons show ‘Papillon’ held at Artists’ Centre, Mumbai saw the addressal of the hierarchies of society and the human condition by two young artists, Saloni Agarwal and Ritesh Bhoi. Though contrasting in visual lexicons, the artists employed satire and sensitivity to critique the world of today.. writes Sushma Sabnis